5 Basic components of a computer and its functions

Any form of machine or equipment that can be programmed to perform an array of arithmetic and algorithm instructions is known as a computer. There are many forms of computers available today with so much to offer even more so machines for watching videos as well as game playing on the web.

When you want to buy any part of your computer that has become faulty, you should first read reviews about computer parts stores onlineon US-Reviews. You will get to know more about the part you want to buy, which type to buy and where to buy it. This article focuses on the 5 basic components that make a modern model computer and its functions;

A Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The part of the computer known as the CPU is often referred to like the brain of the computer as a result of its direct contact with the motherboard as well as the synchronized communication system between it and the other components of the computer. It functions in a way of breaking down complex codes or programming languages into assembly language which the processor comprehends. It also helps to decode, retrieve and perform certain instructions. Also, all the processes that go on in a computer system are taken care of by the CPU.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

This component can also be referred to as a Volatile Memory that accumulates or keeps data that has to do with processes and programs that are accessed regularly. It is sometimes referred to as Volatile Memory because it is deleted each time the computer is restarted. Its function is to assist games and programs in their start and closure on time.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

The GPU can also be referred to as a Video Card. Nowadays it is highly natural to hear those obsessed with games excited about the new graphics card as this component makes a way for these computers to produce adequate and optimum visuals like the ones which we find in several video game types. To add to video games, a better graphics card is also necessary when it comes to images to perform crafts like 3D images or models when thorough resourceful software is used. It functions as a device used for communicating explicitly with the monitor for display. This just means that the high cost of these graphics processing units is useless without a functional monitor directly attached to it.

Storage: Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Every computer certainly needs a place to accumulate its data. Contemporary computers sometimes use a Solid-State drive or Hard-Disk drive to store data. HDDs comprise a real disk in which data can be stored, and is being read by a mechanical arm. It is less expensive than the SSDs and it is fast going into extinction. The SSDs are not moveable, therefore it is quicker than the HDDs because it does not waste any time waiting for a mechanical arm to look for data on a location on the disk physically.

A Motherboard

Every other component of a computer system communicates using a circuit board known as the motherboard. It can also be referred to as a glue that joins all other components together. The central processing unit motherboard and video card’s motherboard are located in a completely built chipset. It is also the place where input and output devices like the mouse, keyboard, and speakers are connected. The motherboard is also a component that houses and protects all other components and devices of the computer system.