5 Signs You Should Change Your Android Smartphone

Jimmy/ June 20, 2022/ android

5 Signs You Should Change Your Android Smartphone

ANDROID- When buying a new Android smartphone, you certainly have hope that the smartphone can last a long time. However, as is known, smartphones also have an age limit of use, so there are times when the device cannot be used continuously.

Moreover, over time, the technology in Android smartphones continues to be improved. Therefore, over time, the functions on your smartphone may no longer be able to follow your activities.

With these conditions, you certainly need to change your device to the latest model. Besides being able to better support your activities, you can also experience a variety of new features that are available.

Usually, a smartphone is estimated to last four to five years of use. However, this still depends on the use and vendor support for these devices.

1. The battery runs out fast

The first sign that shows when you need to switch to the latest version is when the smartphone’s battery runs out quickly. Because the battery is one of the most important components in a smartphone.

This is indeed natural because the lithium-ion battery in Android devices has a lifespan and decreases in capacity. Therefore, after several charging times, the battery capacity will certainly decrease.

As a solution, you can of course replace the battery without the need to buy a new device if this is indeed a problem.

But keep in mind, that there are some other signs that you also need to consider changing your device to the latest model.

2. Slow Performance

Apart from the battery, another sign that needs attention is when the performance of your device feels sluggish or sluggish. When the device feels slow to use, you need to consider changing to a new device.

The reason a device becomes slow is usually influenced by several factors. But in general, it happens because your device has limited resources and can’t keep up with released app updates.

3. Can’t Get the Latest Android Update

Currently, several vendors have stated that they support Android updates for at least four years. But not least, there are some models that may not support the update until then.

If your device is one of the models that is already getting the latest Android update, consider switching to the latest version. Because Android updates usually bring a number of new features.

In addition, the latest updates also usually bring security updates to prevent the device from becoming a victim of cyber attacks.

4. New App No Longer Support

Like the operating system, developers also continue to update their applications on Android. By doing this to bring new features as well as patch security holes.

But please note, that the latest version of the released application usually does not support devices that are still running the old operating system. This certainly makes it difficult for those who are still using devices with operating systems that are too old.

If you are one of the users who have difficulty using the latest version of the application, that factor can be one reason for you to think about changing your device to the latest version.

5. Out of Memory In your Android

Currently, the standard internal memory commonly found in Android smartphones is 64GB, 128GB, and up to 256GB. However, there are some smartphones that still offer around 16GB or 32GB of memory.

Initially, this capacity was sufficient. However, over time, continuous application updates coupled with the available data make this capacity no longer meet the needs.

If this happens, the way to fix it is to update the device you have, so that you are still using your device optimally.

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