Build Your Own Gaming Computer

Jimmy/ April 21, 2022/ how to build a computer

It’s faster and easier to access than your PC’s long-term memory (storage, e.g. an SSD or hard drive), but it’s also temporary. Our wide-range of pre built computers PCs are designed to deal with the demands of today’s PC gamers – no matter how hardcore. Did you know that your custom built computer collects dust which could attract moisture and mould that can short-circuit the motherboard or other hardware? If you know what hardware you need and that it’s compatible, you can bring everything to us, and we can then build your computer. Alternatively, we can do the research, buy your hardware, built it, and you can then pick up your custom built PC.

Pay close attention to how many slots the Mother board has. The more, slots the better because they fill up quickly. Check for any problems such as something blocking your long slots. Be aware that the Motherboard will control the future of your computer. All upgrades will have to be compatible with your Motherboard. The chipset in the Motherboard deserves careful investigation.

In addition, the recent introduction of curved monitors promise to make the gaming experience more immersive. A monitor featuring 1080p resolution is the minimum needed for today’s games, with 4K offering the sharpest detail. When it comes to refresh rates bigger is better, with most gaming monitors offering at least 144 Hz.

The PSU needs to be well-made and powerful enough to handle all current and future components, and it doesn’t hurt to have a warranty. All case sizes are available at different price points, so finding a case that fits your budget shouldn’t be difficult. During the pandemic we all had to work from home and our lives became even more computer dependant, so having some control over your constant computer companion is essential. After building your own PC you’ll know exactly where each component goes and how it is installed. Upgrading it, replacing parts or fixing it will then become a simple process that you can do at home. Installing a processor can be the scariest part of any PC build.

Many gaming headsets offer surround sound for a more immersive sonic experience. And of course, because you’ll likely be constantly communicating with teammates, you’ll want a microphone that picks up your voice clearly. Unidirectional mics are much better at isolating your voice from background sounds than omnidirectional designs. Why put all that cash into an epic system if you’re not going to let it show itself off a bit? Nearly all Lenovo gaming PCs feature some form of RGB lighting, and the latest Lenovo Legion gaming desktops are no exception.

Core count tells us how many processors the CPU has — in other words, how many tasks the CPU can perform simultaneously. We definitely recommend coming up with a budget before you start picking components (it’s easy for component shopping to get out of hand). Remember, you can always upgrade individual components later.

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