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Jimmy/ February 26, 2022/ Computers

With so many specifications to consider, buying a new computer can be a long and complicated process. Let’s take the PC for example – are you looking for a relatively cheap Intel Core i5 processing power or something to play games on? For gaming nowadays, almost everyone goes for the more cutting-edge Intel Core i7 processors.

Introducing gaming laptops with exclusive quad fan technology. You can also say goodbye to a keyboard with our choice of tablets. IPads andGalaxy book laptopsare great for any creative work, although they can be just as good for using in meetings or downloading and playing a load of games on. If you’re looking for a laptop, you’ll still have a decision to make. We’ve got 2-in-1 laptops if you need something portable, plus powerful models like the Microsoft Surface and Apple’s MacBook. Or if you’re just looking for something to type up an email or do a bit of online shopping, we’ve got a load ofChromebook Laptopstoo.

If you’re a library member, you can book to use a computer at any of the libraries. Self-issue loanable Windows laptops are available from Frenchay and Glenside libraries, and MacBook laptops from Bower Ashton Library. There is a free digital Skill Up workshop every Tuesday 9.30am to 11.45am with staff from Manchester Adult Education Service.

Shop PCs and accessories that are in stock and ready to ship. Turbocharge creativity with the most powerful 13-inch XPS laptop ever. Credit is available only to UK residents aged 18 and over.

You can use this to scan images or documents and convert existing documents to save/edit in MS Word. All of our libraries offer free wifi if you want to use your own device. Every library has computers that you can use free of charge.

Feedback submitted to us on this form is monitored but you won’t receive a reply. In an emergency, visit our emergency contact details page. Please don’t include any personal or financial information, for example your National Insurance or credit card numbers. Our quality is unmatched and now thanks to our partnership with Intel we can finally take a stand and showcase high performing systems at excellent value. The quality of components are improving and intel are listening. We now offer the fastest next generation Gaming PCs with Intel’s 12th generation processors & Blisteringly fast DDR5 Memory.

You do not need to log in each time you use the network. The Library at Frenchay Campus provides 24-hour access to computers for all students. Computer users can request unfiltered access to the network by speaking to a member of staff. This process may be done as a one-off procedure and all use of the computers require staff to make a booking.

This applies to the computers across all Manchester libraries. AWD-IT DELIVERING TO UK, FRANCE & IRELAND Available for all products select UK, France or Ireland at the Checkout. If you have problems accessing the Wi-Fi due to a weak signal, ask a member of staff for advice on better access areas. You can plug in or charge your device at a library but only in pre-assigned sockets so you must ask first and use a residual current device supplied at the library. Our new Windows 10 computers have Libre Office installed.

We look forward to seeing where this exceptional performance brings intel in the upcoming years. Once you have completed the authentication, you will be re-directed to our main website. You will be able use the internet as normal and access both non-secured and secured services (e.g. email and social media).

Add to your Apple collection with an iPad or state of the art MacBook. Not forgetting the accessories to match, you’ll find keyboards, monitors, plus a variety of USB networking devices. Ensure your home or business is fully equipped with routers, Wi-Fi, printers and more. Wireless internet access is available in all of our libraries. Anyone with a wireless enabled laptop, notebook, tablet, smartphone or other portable device can use it to connect wirelessly through the library’s network.

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