New Tech: 5 Air Pollution Detection Mobile Applications

Jimmy/ June 20, 2022/ new tech

New Tech: 5 Air Pollution Detection Mobile Applications

New Tech- Jakarta became the city with the worst air pollution level in the world on Tuesday (25/6) morning. The value of the Air Quality Index (AQI) in the Indonesian capital was recorded at 240.

This figure shows that the air in Jakarta is now very unhealthy. Air conditions with an AQI value above 200 can affect public health in general.

This AQI value is obtained from AirVisual, an air pollution monitoring application. Apart from AirVisual, there are several other smartphone applications that users can also use to monitor air quality and provide AQI value information on air conditions in the location we need. Here’s the list!

Plume Air Report

Tech company Plume Labs has an air quality detection app called Plume Air Report. The purpose of this application is so that users can monitor the surrounding air conditions so as to reduce risks that threaten health.

According to a TechCrunch report, Plume Labs relies on thousands of pollution monitoring stations in its app. Plume Air Report sums up several points, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), and particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), and hides all the complexity behind a simple index.

The app also records how the pollution level changes in 24 hours. Plume Labs also compares its predictions with other pollution levels, so the algorithms in the app are getting better.


An environmental organization, Greenpeace Indonesia, also has an application to check air quality, called AirKita. Like Plume Air Report, this application reveals the AQI value of a region and also an explanation of whether the numbers displayed are dangerous or not.

AirKita also shows AQI history at different times, from daily, weekly, monthly, to yearly. Users can provide reports related to air quality in the vicinity for which the complaint feature is provided.

Although it is free, users cannot directly use this application. You must register with the email you normally use in order to take advantage of the AirKita application.


BreezoMeter can be an alternative to Plume Air Report and AirKita. It can also offer air quality monitoring and mapping.

The content in the air inhaled by users is also described in full, starting from carbon monoxide, and ozone, to nitrogen dioxide. In addition, BreezoMeter also displays pollen levels in the air and air temperature in real-time.

BreezoMeter displays the air quality number, the application will provide different health recommendations. That way users can know when is the right time to do activities outside the home, what to avoid, and other health advice.


An alternative air quality check application is Airlief. The air pollution information displayed is not complete, but it can provide health tips based on user information, ranging from age, transportation used, how long to spend outdoors, and so on.

Airlief also displays information about the body that affects air quality. Detailed information described there are respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, and blood sugar.


AirVisual provides air pollution maps of some of the world’s major cities. Jakarta has the worst air pollution level in the world, with an AQI value of 240. The app also provides health advice and can tell users if they need to wear masks when leaving the house.

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