Is It Bad To Have Your Desktop Pc On The Floor?

Jimmy/ December 8, 2019/ how to build a computer

how to build a computer

Install the standoff wanted for your type of motherboard. 1-6 – Some motherboards will want little standoffs screws to be added. They are important to install the motherboard & keep away from causing shorts.

We’d suggest utilizing the optional extras of premium PSU cables and premium cable combs too because it makes things a lot neater right here. Otherwise, cable ties are your friend in the near future.

4-5 – Looking at the stick of RAM, you may see it has a NOTCH between the connectors. four-four – Using your two thumbs open the tabs of the RAM slots that you will use. If you have a front panel USB 2 connectors (often BLACK or GRAY and SMALLER), connect it to the USB 2 header on your motherboard. If there are a couple of headers, use the one that’s indicated as #1.

Leave the fan cables alone until you’re sure … Read More