Custom Computer Build Service

Jimmy/ May 8, 2022/ how to build a computer

If longer battery life is really important, you’ll need to pick a gaming laptop with a smaller screen size, SSD-only storage, and lower-performance CPU and GPU. Gaming laptops are power-hungry, because gaming is a processor-intensive activity. You won’t find many machines that are both portable and that give you all-day battery life. Instead, consider four to six hours as the current benchmark for decent battery life. Nearly all Lenovo Legion gaming PCs feature some form of RGB lighting, and the latest Lenovo Legion gaming laptops are no exception. Models have available RGB backlighting under the keyboard, and maybe more lighting effects around the laptop frame – model depending.

As with gaming keyboards, the value of a gaming mouse can be overlooked. Features of a gaming mouse includes higher dots per inch, or DPI, than a traditional mouse, as well as higher acceleration. DPI is a measure of how much the … Read More