Warning To Windows Users After Security Hole Is Found Which Leaves Computers Vulnerable To Hackers Despite Two Updates

Jimmy/ January 29, 2022/ bleeping computer

Also, late last week Brazilian e-commerce giant Americanas.com reported a multimillion-dollar loss in sales in its financial results after a major cyberattack earlier this year. The company lost 923 million Brazilian reais ($183 million) in sales following two attacks that took place between February 19 and 20 that left it unable to operate its e-commerce operation. Several members of the group were arrested in late March by British police, though some of them were later released.

Windows local privilege escalation zero-day vulnerability, has a new unofficial fix, again. Children at 14,000 primary schools are now taking part in the Daily Mile and reaping the benefits … Teachers guided pupils through a bleep test to measure fitness and then pupils completed bespoke computer-based tasks to measure attention and memory, and reported their own wellbeing. Primary pupils who took part in a running programme, such as the Daily Mile, for longer than … Read More