Mac Mini

Jimmy/ May 11, 2022/ apple computer

With double the graphics performance, memory and memory bandwidth, it’s our most powerful graphics card. The two GPUs are connected through the Infinity Fabric Link, which allows data transfer up to 5x faster between the GPUs. It’s huge for apps that are optimised for multiple GPUs. These are some of the reasons why to donate your Apple products. It boost sustainability, and can be done in a short span of time. By donating your Apple Mac or iPhone, you can also assist other people who might not have access to technology and make their lives easier.

In fact, the only performance downside with the 14-inch ‘Pro is there’s less room inside for a big battery. Where the 16-inch version can pack a 100-watt-hour cell, the 14-inch model has to make do with a 70-watt-hour battery, equating to approximately 4 hours less runtime. We love the original (13-inch) M1 MacBook, but … Read More