What is iOS? Get to know the Difference Between Android

Jimmy/ June 20, 2022/ ios

What is iOS? Get to know the Difference Between Android

iOS- Do you know what the word “iOS” stands for? The word is usually associated with the Apple iPhone mobile phone product. Do you know how to pronounce it?

“iOS” is not a single word, but rather an abbreviated set of words. Literally, iPhone Operating System stands for iPhone Operating System or the operating system used by the iPhone. In this sense, it is not surprising that the word “iOS” is often pinned on the iPhone.

Knowing the abbreviation “iOS” above may not be enough to understand what iOS is, as the operating system used by the iPhone. If you want to understand more, see the explanation about iPhone Operating System as follows.

What is iOS?

iOS is a software operating system developed by Apple, specifically to support the operation of mobile device products or handheld devices.

iOS is not only for iPhone phones but also for other Apple handheld devices, such as iPad tablets and iPod music players. As a handheld operating system, iPhone Operating System functions the same as the Android developed by Google.

iPhone Operating System is able to create a kind of bridge that can connect the interaction between the user and the iPhone hardware. It is in charge of interpreting user commands on applications on the iPhone so that they are able to operate, move, or activate features on the hardware.

Without iPhone Operating System, iPhone hardware and its features will not work, as reported by Lifewire. Meanwhile, although iPhone Operating System functions are generally the same as Android, there are actually a number of differences.

Difference between iPhone Operating System and Android

iPhone Operating System is the second most popular mobile operating system globally in 2021. It holds a 26.3 percent market share for mobile operating systems, making it the second-largest after Android. Then, the iPhone is only for Apple’s handheld products and not developed freely for products outside the Apple brand.

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